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  1. Krampus - with Al Ridenhour

    Krampous special! Interview Part 2 with Al Ridenhour, author of 'Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas'. We discuss his book ann the nature of the folklore and customs surrounding 'The Christmas devil'. Who or what is Krampus? Krampus customs in the alps. Exporting Krampus around the clobe The future of Krampus You can get this ...


  2. Folklore, History, Horror- Bone and Sickle

    Interview with Al Ridenhour, host of the Bone and Sickle podcast and author of 'Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas'. It is an incredible podcast, full of spooky atmospheres and high production values to deliver rich research in an entertaining way. Confluence of folklore, history and horror Themes for episodes Creating the distinctive ...


  3. Scottish Mythology-Origins of the Laoich

    Interview podcast with Fraser Coull and James Harding, creators of emerging TV show 'Origins of the Laoich' which is inspired by Scottish history and mythology.  Creating a new fantasy TV show Influences of mythology The cultural history of Scotland Using Scots Gaelic language You can follow 'Origins of the Laoich' on twitter and watch the ...


  4. Gothic Horror 'Taste'-Lucy Rose

    Writer-Director Lucy Rose discusses the influence of folklore and the gothic in her work and tells us about her new gothic horror short film 'Taste' and her previous gothic horror 'She Lives Alone'. ...


  5. Folk Horror Revival -Darren Charles FHR

    Interview with Darren Charles of the Folk Horror Revival group which has 23,000 members. We discuss this Folk Horror genre and why it is so popular. Defining folk horror? Folk horror examples What is the appeal of folk horror? How does it differ from other horror genres? Links to Urban Wyrd and related genres You can ...